Pigging Valves Classification and Functions May 11 , 2022

Pigging Valves Classification and Functions

1. The function of the pigging valve.

The valve can be divided into cleaning pipe and non-cleaning pipe. Standard commercial valves, plug valves, and ball valves are non-purge line valves. In cleaning systems, they can be installed at the outlet of the sending/collecting station. For example, when propellants are used in factories, valves often connect washable and non-washable pipes, such as those installed at the product inlet and outlet.

In the cleanable pipeline system, the selection of the cleaning valve is particularly important. Such valves must be adapted to the respective application. In fact, the role of the valve is to simply open, open or close the pipe, only a switch can change the flow direction of the product or the line of operation of the pipe cleaner. In addition to the general requirements, the valve must also guarantee sealing, leakage, smooth operation, accuracy and the cleanability of the valve, such as:

1) The same as the inner diameter of the pipe.
2) The flange can be centered.
3) When rotating and switching, the blockage can be adjusted accurately.
4) Lead the valve stem to the tap.

The important criteria for selecting pigging valves are cleanliness and no pits (no dead ends). The cleaning valve must match the type of cleaning valve used (ball, cup type, sealed type, integral casting type). The exact installation of the probe, pressure leakage and characteristics of the vent product can influence the selection of the purge valve, leaving the valve application idle. If the product is prone to hardening, viscosity and wear. Advantages Standard commercial plumbing valves can be retrofitted in a manner suitable for special applications.

2. Classification of pigging valves.

In order to meet the requirements of pipeline cleaning systems, manufacturers have developed their own valve series. In principle, pipeline cleaning valves can be divided into standard valves and special valves.

Standard valve:
1) Pigging station
2) Tap
3) Send and receive ball barrels.
4) Switch

Special valve:
1) Two cleanable pipes intersect.
2) The ball receiving station used by the transfer arm.
3) Ball collection station for loading valve.
4) Manifold

5) Valves used in the sanitary industry.

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