Double Block And Bleed Ball Valve Features & Advantage Feb 07 , 2023

Double Block And Bleed Ball Valve Features & Advantage

Double Block And Bleed Ball Valve working principle:

Double Block And Bleed Ball Valve is supported by two valve seats with a floating ball. Under the pressure of the medium, the ball itself will have a certain displacement, so that it will be pressed to the outlet of the seat sealing ring to produce a sealing effect. Floating ball valves can be divided into one-piece ball valve structure and split ball valve structure according to the structure.

DBB Ball Valve is designed to replace the complex form of multiple valve connections in traditional pipelines. Reduces leak points in the system and quickly achieves vented, shut-off functions.The DBB Ball Valve saves the installation space to the greatest extent. Simplified installation procedure. Reduce the pressure in the piping system. Convenient instrument cleaning and maintenance, reducing costs. Valves re widely used in hydraulic system pipelines in various industries such as electric power, petrochemical, metallurgy, marine, petroleum, natural gas, gas, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Design features of Double Block And Bleed Ball Valve
a: Ball valves are designed according to standards ISO17292, API 608, BS 5351, GB/T 12237
b: Simple structure, good sealing performance, small torque
c: Both reduced and full bore structures are designed with the lowest flow resistance (actually 0)
d:low leakage packing

e: Fire safe, anti-static, anti-valve stem blow-out design

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