Axial Check Valve Features Feb 06 , 2023

Axial Check Valve Features

The working principle of axial flow check valve:

The opening and closing of the disc is determined by the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the valve. When the pressure at the inlet end is greater than the sum of the pressure cycle at the outlet end and the spring force, the disc opens. As long as there is a pressure difference, the disc is always open, but the degree of opening is determined by the pressure difference. When the sum of the outlet pressure and the spring force is greater than the pressure difference at the inlet, the disc closes and remains closed. Since the opening and closing of the disc is in a dynamic force balance system, the valve operates in a balanced manner, with no noise and greatly reduced water hammer.

If the fluid flow rate pressure cannot support the valve at a large opening and maintain a stable open position, the valve disc and related moving parts may be in a state of constant vibration. In order to avoid premature wear of moving parts, noise or vibration or vibrating operation, the size of the check valve should be selected according to the fluid state.

Features of axial flow check valve

1. Single structure, light weight, good rigidity, easy maintenance;
2. The thrust of the spring enables the disc to handle the closed position even when there is no medium pressure;
3. The good supporting method enables the valve disc and seat to be well centered no matter what installation position the valve is in, so the valve can be installed at any angle.
4. The combination of the streamlined design of the valve sleeve shape and the streamlined design of the body cavity constitutes the streamlined flow channel of the axial flow check valve. Accurate calculation and design make the flow area of the flow channel sufficient and consistent, the pressure loss is small, the flow state is stable, and there is no leakage. cavitation. When the medium flows, the valve disc generates negative pressure and spring thrust to return to the seat, and there is no direct impact of the medium on the back of the valve disc; therefore, the axial flow check valve is a low-noise valve.

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