What is the Top Entry Ball Valve Jul 12 , 2021

What is Top Entry Ball Valve

Top Entry ball valve is suitable for natural gas pipeline, the valve body is integrated, reducing dew point, convenient maintenance, advanced technology, high acceptance pressure and wide range of use. The valve body is made as a whole, and a valve cover is arranged on the upper part of the valve body. The valve seat, ball, sealing ring, etc. are installed from the upper part. The advantage is that when the valve seat is repaired and replaced, it is not necessary to remove the ball valve from the pipeline, just open the valve cover and lift the ball out, which brings great convenience to the underground pipeline, especially the ball valve used in the atomic energy industry.

Top Entry Ball Valve Features:

The utility model comprises a valve body, a wedge-shaped ball, a valve seat, a valve cover and a valve stem. The side wall of the valve body is provided with a wedge-shaped ball mounting hole with an upward opening. The valve stem is linked with the wedge-shaped ball. A spring is arranged at the lower part of the valve stem. The spring takes the wedge-shaped ball as the first base, the boss on the valve stem as another base, and a seal is arranged between the upper end of the boss of the valve stem and the valve cover, A sealing gasket is arranged between the valve cover and the valve body, the cross section of the sealing element is wedge-shaped, the boss or the valve cover is correspondingly provided with an inclined pushing surface to form a wedge-shaped sealing fit with the sealing element, and the inclined pushing surface is preferably arranged on the upper end face of the boss, Using the spring force or medium pressure to seal the wedge-shaped seal between the valve stem and the valve cover to form a wedge-shaped sealing fit with the sealing surface. Using the principle of oblique wedge, the sealing surface is more compact and the sealing effect is better.

Top Entry Ball Valve Structural features

1. Integral valve body design, top mounted pivot fixed support, flange connection structure;

2. Integral pivot fixed ball bar design;

3. The high strength integral ball bar structure ensures the precise positioning of the ball;

4. The pivot adopts an anti blow out protection structure;

5. Anti corrosion, low friction coefficient bearing;

6. The metal valve seat of rptfe seal can be moved to the ball by the nickel spring, which has the function of two-way sealing at the inlet and outlet;

7. Excellent performance of standard nylon and peek valve seat ensures effective sealing under low pressure;

8. The sealant injector is designed to inject sealing grease to seal the valve stem or valve seat in case of emergency;

9. Unique retractable valve seat technology, online replaceable ball bar, valve stem sealing ring, metal valve seat and spring;

10. The anti-static grounding equipment with excellent performance for effective contact between ball bar and valve body;

11. Fire protection function: when the valve seat is burnt or damaged, the metal valve seat will automatically stick to the ball, and there will be less leakage between the valve seat and the ball.

Top Entry Ball Valve

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