Application areas of stainless steel valves May 11 , 2022

Application areas of stainless steel valves

Stainless steel valves have entered industrial applications because of their long service life, not easy to rust, and green environmental protection. They have become a must-have valve product in the pipeline field of various industries. Therefore, customers must ask businesses to provide various The production and delivery certificate of stainless steel valves can also be tested with spectrometers. Spectrometers are widely used because of their high precision and wide application range. Their application in the field of precious metal and stainless steel valve testing has also developed rapidly in recent years. Some 304 , 316L valves mainly rely on the equipment detection, which can reduce the purchase of unqualified products.

Stainless steel valves are usually used in occasions where the working medium is corrosive, such as corrosive media, food, medicine, oil, liquid metal and radioactive media and other chemical products. In these fields, any valve material is resistant to the corrosion of the working medium. Capabilities are relatively limited and affected by many factors. If the processing technology and heat treatment process used in the manufacturing process are appropriate, the corrosion resistance of this material is guaranteed. As for the concentrated nitric acid medium with a concentration of >98%, no matter what heat treatment process is used, this steel does not have corrosion resistance. Therefore, when selecting valve materials such as ball valves, gate valves, globe valves and check valves according to the properties of the working medium, it is necessary to study the influence of various factors such as the concentration of the medium, the temperature, and the heat treatment process of the material on the corrosion resistance to choose a more Good steel materials such as 316L, 904 or titanium valves.

With the continuous development of petrochemical industry technology and scale, the requirements for petrochemical stainless steel valves are getting higher and higher. In addition to continuing to improve the quality of conventional valves such as J41W stainless steel globe valves, Z41W stainless steel gate valves, etc., especially for corrosive materials The demand for ball valves is increasing, such as ethylene cracking units, polyethylene units and polypropylene units in ethylene production, PTA units (purified terephthalic acid), polyester units and polyester spinning units in chemical fiber production, so To strive to develop corrosion-resistant technology, 316L stainless steel valves have excellent characteristics such as corrosion resistance, high strength, light weight, and long service life.

The society is progressing and the industry is increasing, and the industries that can use stainless steel valve products are also increasing. The new industry and new products will gradually replace the cast iron valve, which brings new opportunities for the stainless steel valve industry. The market has a good development prospect.

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