Features of API 6D slab gate valve Feb 06 , 2023

API 6D Slab Gate Valve

Main features of API 6D slab gate valve:

The seals on both sides of the slab gate valve are mechanical seals balanced on the central axis of the valve, so the slab gate valve is suitable for pipeline transportation of natural gas, petroleum, and chemicals.

In terms of design structure, flat gate valves are divided into those with diversion holes and those without diversion holes.

API 6D slab gate valve

Design features of API 6D slab gate valve
a: Design standards in accordance with API 6D, ASME B16.34, GB/T 19672
b: The gate plate and sealing seat of the slab gate valve are specially designed, which can be applied to multi-layer seals with corrosion resistance, penetration resistance and friction resistance.
c: The valve seat adopts soft and hard double seals to increase the stability of the seal
d: Full bore design, the pressure loss through the valve is very small.
e: When the valve is fully opened, compared with other valves, the erosion of the medium on the sealing surface is the smallest
f: Flat gate valves are also suitable for pigging
g:The valve also has the function of regulating the flow
h: The valve can be installed in any orientation, horizontal and vertical.

API 6D Slab Gate Valve Product Range

Body material: carbon steel, stainless steel
Size: 2"~60"
Pressure Class150~2500
Connect RF, RTJ, BW

Working temperature: -46℃~+200℃

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