Characteristics Of Three-Way Ball Valve May 11 , 2022

Characteristics Of Three-Way Ball Valve

Three-way, four-way and multi-way valves are all multi-way switching valves, which are mainly used for switching and distributing materials and combining and diverting. Jiepei Valve has designed a three-way ball valve with adjustable flow and confluence for the cooling system of large ships.

If you want the three-way four-way ball valve to achieve the following switching functions and switching of various materials and media, it must be a fixed three-way four-way, and the inlet valve seat is sealed. To achieve better switcher and isolation, the seat structure must be a dual-piston effect that does not release material held in the four seats downstream from either end.
The floating three-four-way ball valve is only suitable for the switching and distribution of the same material and medium. Since the structure of the floating ball valve is an outlet seal, it cannot achieve the switching state as shown in the figure below, and can only achieve the state of the valve seat outlet seal.

Due to the lack of understanding of three-way and four-way valves, the lack of rigorous selection, and the price, there are still many floating structures instead of fixed structures, and L-shaped structures instead of T structures. Causes the quality of the material medium to decline.

Four states of T-type

Three states of L type

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