Titling Check Valve Features Feb 06 , 2023

Tilting Check Valves Working and Features

The titling check valve is widely used in pipeline systems to prevent liquid backflow hazards and protect mechanical equipment. It not only has the functional characteristics of general check valves, but also has the advantages of reducing water hammer hazards, reducing noise, reducing pressure drop and quick response. features. With axial flow symmetrical structure and streamlined flow channel, the pressure loss is very small, and the special manufacturing technology ensures the high requirements of zero leakage. At the same time, it also has the advantages of no impact on opening and closing, maintenance-free and simple installation. It is suitable for various gases and liquid media. , and have been installed in any way.

1. Design Features

a: Venturi-type channel reduces pressure drop
b: Spring protection, no collision
c: Low noise, little water hammer hazard
d: soft seal, secondary seal
e: Hard seal, fireproof design
f: Full range of lugs and feet available
g: The valve has no possibility of medium leakage

3. Valve Features:

a: The titling check valve is composed of a valve body, a guide body, an axially moving valve disc and a spring component. The product can effectively prevent the medium from flowing back. Make sure the pipeline is safe.
b: The valve body, disc, and tail cone are designed as streamlined passages, which have good fluid performance and minimize flow resistance and pressure.
c: The high-performance spring material HT/INCONELX-750 is used, which has excellent corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and excellent mechanical properties, ensuring that the springs are in good running condition under long-term working conditions.
d: Silent operation, thereby eliminating noise and water hammer in the valve pipeline to ensure the safety of equipment and pipelines.
e: The opening and closing response is quick, and the highly reliable preload spring makes the valve clack respond quickly to fluid pressure changes.
f:  Compact structure, easy installation, both vertical and horizontal installation.
g:  The valve adopts alloy steel surfacing welding sealing surface, which is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and has a long service life.
h:  The pressure range of the valve is relatively wide.

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